nook Questions: You Asked & I Answered!

March 27, 2010 10 Comments »
nook Questions: You Asked & I Answered!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions about the nook. I tried to address as many as them as I could in yesterday’s review however, I wanted to make sure that I got back to each and every one of you who took the time to ask questions about the device.

Each person who submitted a question below received an extra entry to win the nook that I’ll be giving away. You can gain another entry via this post if you leave a comment with another question about nook that I haven’t already answered here or through my review. See below for all the fine print and without further ado, here are my responses to your questions!

aggie said…

I think the main reason I have hesitated buying an e-reader is because I am not sure if the text will be big enough to read. With the Nook it looks like you can chose the size of the text.

  • Yes, you can change the size of the text quite easily by tapping on the n above the touch screen and tapping Font to change the font type and size. I like Amasis Large for reading to Little Miss Techie so she can follow along but when I’m reading my eBooks, I prefer a smaller font so more words appear on the page.

traci smith said…

i have no feeling in my fingers and suffer with hand pain, are the buttons on the side soft to push? would someone like me be able to work it?

  • While nook admits to not having tested this device with those who suffer from hand pain and lack of feeling in their fingers, they believe that it wouldn’t be a problem to operate. I would suggest that you visit a Barnes & Noble retail store to try the nook if you are considering a purchase. Visiting the store will enable you to try before you buy and ask questions from a knowledgeable store employee. I find that the buttons are easy to push but they are not soft. The arrows are integrated into the frame of the nook, allowing me to hold nook and use different parts of my thumb to turn pages. The touch screen functions exactly like an iPhone’s and operates according to a light touch. I know that doesn’t exactly answer your question but I think the best thing to do would be to try a nook in a Barnes & Noble store to see how it easy it is for you to operate.

Felicia said…

I have hesitated to buy an e-reader because I don’t want another gadget to keep up with in my purse. Plus, I adore traditional books and am afraid I’ll toss them aside in favor of the e-reader. That being said, after you’ve used yours, how did it go? Which do you like best, traditional or electronic? I’d be interested to hear your comments. Thanks!

  • One thing that I really like about nook my ability to install the eReader software on different devices that I do carry with me on a daily basis. As a gadget geek, I don’t want another thing in my bag but appreciate that I have access to my purchased titles on my iPhone to minimize the number of devices in my purse. After all, we like gadgets to simplify our lives, not make us into sherpas!

Thien-Kim aka Kim said…

The woman next to me on the plane had one. She let me play with it, but I was afraid to play too long. 

Here are my questions:

How does it feel in your hand compared to a real book? Do you miss it? How is the screen on your eyes? What about carrying it around in your bag/purse? Is it heavy (say if I had diapers and kid snacks, a change of clothes, etc in the bag too)?

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t wait to read your review.

Oh, one more. What interface can you use to download ebooks you already own? Can I download pdf’s without converting them? How about keeping your lists/titles organized? Can you add notes about each title?

The lady on the plan did mention that you can lend your friend (who has a Nook also) your books for 2 weeks. I like this idea ALOT. It’s all done wirelessly too.

  • I have to be honest…I do love real books, especially new ones, but I appreciate nook’s ability to store many titles at a time. I like that the screen automatically adjusts to whatever light conditions I am in and backlights the text accordingly to make it easy to read. Nook is quite light but you can add weight to the device by purchasing a cover. I bought my nook the slimmest and more inexpensive covers available because adding bulk and heft to device seemed counterintuitive.
  • You can download PDFs to include in your eBook library. All of your eBook titles can easily be found by tapping the orange My Library tab on the touch screen or your current read can be accessed by tapping the blue Reading Now button. You can take notes, highlight, and annotate on eBook titles. Books can also be lent to friends if they are LendMe titles. Over half of the eBooks available are LendMe.

Shannon said…

Ooh, what a fun giveaway! How is the book selection? Is it as varied as the Kindle?

  • I wish I could say that I truly know how the two compare content-wise but I don’t own a Kindle. So far nook has found all the books that I have searched for- from best sellers, new releases, classics, cookbooks, to more obscure AP English-type titles. Friends who own the Kindle love them. Others who own nooks love their devices. So far I haven’t found anyone who has both but if there’s a reader out there who does and can share, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Stephen and Amanda O’Dair blog said…

My question is that I love to read more then one book at a time and I know can with a nook, but what about marking your place? That is my concern… Can I do that with a nook? Because when I read more then one book the (non)nook way I can mark my place with a good book mark. How do you do it with the Nook? OK I am done now asking questions!

  • You can read as many books as you like and nook will remember which page you were on for each title. An upcoming eReader software upgrade will allow nook users to instantly access the last read page of any of their titles regardless of what device they are using. So, for example, at bedtime Little Miss Techie and I stop reading Ralph S. Mouse on page 72. The next day I can access Ralph S. Mouse on my iPhone when we are sitting around at the doctor’s office and instantly go to the last read page without having to 1) remember what page we were on and 2) flip through pages to find the correct one. I love the convenience of having virtual bookmarks in all my titles on all my devices with the eReader software!

alexandra said…

Why should I buy the Nook over the Kindle?

  • I don’t have any experience with the Kindle but I can tell you that I really like using my nook. It is smaller and more portable than the Kindle. The wireless 3G access is a nice feature for downloads on the go and enables me to instantly connect when inside Barnes & Noble for exclusive content and discounts. The internal 2GB memory stores at least 1500 books on the device and with an additional microSD card inside the back cover, the number of titles you can put on the nook really is endless!

Michele McGraw (ScrappinMichele) said…

As you know, I’m one of the biggest geeks and I have to have all gadgets when they first hit the shelves, but I hesitated with all he e-readers. I LOVE my books. As high tech as I am, when it comes to books, I’m low tech. 

BUT, when I saw the Nook, it got me. It really was the share feature that I liked. My husband bought me one for Christmas and I can’t believe it took me so long to get an e-reader. I LOVE IT!!

It’s a blending of my 2 loves, books & technology. I can take any book with me anywhere. I was at Mom 2.0 last month and someone mentioned a book, I got on my Nook and downloaded it immediately. Yesterday I was watching the Today show and they had the authors of a new book on that sounded really good. Usually I think “I need that book” and then forget about it. I just went straight to my Nook and downloaded it.

Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Nook and I’d love to hear all about the conference call. I’m working on my Nook review post this week.

  • Thanks for your comments Michele! I completely understand why you love nook so much because I’m a book loving gadget geek too! I have to admit that I love the instant gratification of being able to browse for titles and purchase them immediately thanks to the 3G wireless connection that is standard in nook.

lynn said…

Can you take this on the beach to read (is there some sort of protective cover available)? There must be something available – for an additional fee I bet!

Also, can you view the screen under “bright light” conditions such as sitting on the beach or in car? Just wondering if there is some sort of “brightness” adjustment button. For example, if I am using my digi camera in the sun, it is hard to see the image on the screen. Also, when my kid is riding in the car & she is playing on the Nintendo DS, she cannnot see the screen at times because of the light. She has to put a jacket over her head in order to see! I bet that this is an issue with the E-Readers as well! 

At least with a paper book you don’t have to worry about sand or light conditions!!

When you travel with small children, you typically have to take a lot of board books with you to help entertain them or get them to sleep. The E-Reader can be a real space saver, although I wouldn’t make a daily practice of using it for a child’s book. How else could you read “Pat the Bunny”!!!

  • There are tons of covers available to customize your nook. I went with a basic cover but there are sleeves to slip your nook into, others that look like books, covers that you can customize with a personal photo, and also a ton of gorgeous covers by designers like Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler.
  • I haven’t taken nook on a beach getaway yet but I find that the screen is easy to read whether outside in bright sun or in dim lighting like when I am reading Little Miss Techie her bedtime chapter book.
  • I tend to travel with a lot of books on the plane whenever we travel and love that I can download favorite titles for read alouds and have them on one device rather than stuffing my bag. Plus the novelty of nook will keep kids entertained. Little Miss Techie and Captain Computer never seem to tire of pushing the button to turn the page or turning it off to see what famous author will be our screensaver but I do agree that Pat the Bunny will never be the same as an eBook!

Heather said…

I have been so curious about these things but I’ve never seen one in person. What does it FEEL like to hold and read? Does it take very long to get used to it? That is honestly what I worry about the most. I love reading, holding and owning books. I worry that I could only use digital readers for magazines and newspapers. Does the Nook allow you to read magazines?

  • I found that it didn’t take me long to get used to nook because the size and design makes it comfortable to hold. You can subscribe to 45 different magazines and newspapers on and Barnes & Noble is constantly adding content so they will be adding more periodicals in the near future.

Anne J said…

My concern with an e-reader is eyestrain. Can you adjust the color, backlighting, or whatever to use it in different light conditions? Also I’d like to know how long the battery really lasts, because if it died right at an exciting part of a book it would be very annoying.

  • I wear contacts and find that my eyes can be tired at the end of the day but I’ve never felt eye strain when reading nook thanks to the highly customizable font and font size. So far I haven’t exhausted my battery in the 2 weeks that I’ve had it but if you have wireless constantly turned on, I’ve heard you can read for 2 days. Turn wifi off and nook’s battery can last up to 10 days.

Banteringblonde said…

I have the kindle … I think the text on this isn’t backlit? I’d love to do a side by side comparison of the two … I’m a touch and feel kind of reader but I am in love with my kindle because of the number of books i can have on me at one time!

  • The text on the nook is backlit and the number of books you can have on it is endless thanks to the internal 2GB of memory that will hold up to 1500 books and the ability to use microSD cards to store more titles.

Stimey said…

I don’t have a Kindle, but I do have the Kindle app on my iPhone and get books for it from Amazon. Is Barnes and Noble the only place to get Nook books? I assume that it must not be possible to read books on both my Kindle app AND the Nook? And how many books are in the Nook library?

  • Barnes & Noble is the only place to download eBooks for the nook however, it also accepts PDF files. Unfortunately nook and Kindle titles are not compatible because of the different software that both run. As far as number of titles, Barnes & Noble tells me that they have over a million titles with more being added each day.

Julie said…

I downloaded Kindle for iphone to check it out. Haven’t held a Nook yet (they’re still sold out at my BN). 

I’d also love a side by side comparison.

question: My husband and I share books, when I finish, I pass a book on to him and vice versa. I’d never want to pass my nook, because then I’d be without a book. So, can you download a book to more than one nook in your family? How many Nooks can share a book? Is there a family account you can set up with BN/Nook to be able to share?

(gosh, I feel like Dr. Seuss with that last line.)

  • Accounts are set up for multiple devices and the whole family can use same collection and each can choose which book to read and enjoy.

Julie said…

Another question:

 How is the children’s book selection? We’re discussing getting an e-reader for our son who is reading chapter books, but we noticed that the entire series that he’s reading isn’t available on Kindle (haven’t checked Sony). Would love to know how BN compares in this area.

  • As a lover of children’s books, I have been impressed with the selection and think there are plenty of titles available to keep us using the nook for read alouds for quite awhile! Little Miss Techie is a huge Magic Tree House fan so she was thrilled to find the collection available for the nook. I also love the Beverly Cleary classics like Ramona, Henry, and Ralph series. The selection is not as good for younger readers interested in picture books.

Julie said…

Last question (for now):

Along the lines of getting one for my son, is it fragile? He broke his camera on Christmas Day (ie 4 hours after he opened it) in just one drop. Can the Nook withstand the beating of a child? Is it childsafe?

  • Just as with any piece of technology, the nook is breakable but Little Miss Techie and Captain Computer have handled the device and have not done any harm to it. One thing that I appreciate about nook is the design. The arrow buttons to turn the pages are integrated into the frame rather than being plastic tabs that could break off under pressure or by being caught on something in my purse. The touch screen makes it easy to navigate and helps keep the device nice and flat so it can easily slide into a bag.

Julie said…

OMG I really need to leave you alone! But I just thought of another question. (Gosh, I should just get on the call with you, right?)

Along the lines of Child-Safety, if I were to get one to share with my son, can you keep books in separate files? So there could be a Mom file and a Son file? And could you password protect it?

  • Right now nook doesn’t support file folders, however, you can choose to download the books you want to share with your son on his device. You brought up a great point about child safety which is something I’m always concerned about. I think if I were to get a nook for Little Miss Techie, I would keep her books under my Barnes & Noble account so there’s not a separate account with any information about my daughter out there in cyberspace. One advantage to doing this is having the account linked to a single credit card to monitor any purchases made by an older child. On the flip side though, perhaps you don’t want your credit card number linked in case your child is an avid reader and purchases too many books! But I suppose that’s probably a good problem to have, right?

Janine (@twincident) said…

Wow – I would LOVE to have one of these and here’s why (then I’ll get to the questions).
I love the library for the price but…I’m a slow reader and never find the time. So, what I pay in late fees might add up to the cost of a Nook soon! ALSO, it being hi-techy and cool I’d be more apt to carry it in my purse so whenever I have a fre 10 minutes (at school for pick-up, if I’m early for a meeting, in line at the grocery store for snOMG4) I’d be able to read a few pages and thus, would be a better reader.

Now, my question:
1) battery life? Can you get extended battery? cause many flights, car rides, etc are longer than 2 hours

2) what if a book is not yet available…can you add it to a ‘queue’ or pre-order like you can on Amazon?

3) HOW do you pay? DO you have a credit card on file or add money to an account? Can you gift someone Nook dollars for their birthday?

4) Do they offer a Twin Discount? 🙂

  • I agree that the convenience of not having to deal with late night library runs and paying late fees is a real benefit to owning nook. Nook is convenient to carry in my purse but it is more convenient to have the eReader software installed on my phone since I can access my library by just logging into my Barnes & Noble account once. Logging into the app once allows me to instantly access any of the books in My Library.
  • You can absolutely pre-order titles that will be downloaded on the day they are released. No more standing in line waiting until Midnight like we did for Harry Potter books! Now you can preorder a title and it will download to your device on the release date!
  • To pay, you link a credit card to your Barnes & Noble account that you set up on their website. You can also enter in any Barnes & Noble giftcards as payment methods. There are no separate nook dollars…Barnes & Noble giftcards are also good towards eBooks.
  • And as far as discounts go, no twin discounts and educator discounts don’t apply to nook or nook accessories. (I tried!)

McafeeCyberMom said…

I would like to know what it does when you walk in the store? I had heard that there are special features for actually shopping in the store – what are they? 

I have B & N for my iTouch and noticed that yesterday they don’t have the Percy Jackson series… how soon will they have more kids books?

Can’t wait to see how you like it!

  • The in-store experience at any Barnes & Noble retail location allows you to try before you buy. Nook owners can set their devices to connect to the in-store wifi to shop at high speed, enjoy exclusive content, and special offers. Recently the Alice in Wonderland eBook was free for nook users who brought their device into the store and there was a special offer for 50% off leather bound edition for your at home library. Barnes & Noble in-store content is available weekly and offers change every 4 weeks.

whymommy said…

I’m just excited that you get to review it! My husband loves his Kindle, but I’m very much the ol’ paper and type type. 

Have fun! Bulleted List

  • I am having fun despite being a traditionalist and loving the feel of a good book in my hands! I think I need to borrow your husband’s Kindle for a side by side comparison!

Unique Baby Gifts said…

This product is great for children or teens. The product kind of tricks the younger generation into thinking that reading is cool. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

  • I agree! This device is a great motivator for this generation of digital natives who is constantly connected and always on the go! My 6 year old is a book lover but loves the novelty of reading bedtime chapter books on nook!

Team Morris said…

Wow! I’m so glad you’re going to be reviewing this. I’ve been debating back and forth about getting an e-reader…and I personally think the nook looks the coolest. :)

I love to do puzzles, though- like crosswords and sudoku. Are you able to do thse on the nook? Or is it read-only. 

Thanks for answering our questions!!! :)

  • Right now puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku are only available as read-only.

Have I answered all of your questions about nook? If not, leave a comment with a question that you still have that hasn’t been addressed here or in my review post and include your e-mail or Twitter ID for it to count as a valid entry.

And be sure to read my review and giveaway post to take advantage of all the extra entries by entering them via my Google Form!

In order for your comment to count as an entry, I’m accepting serious questions that include an e-mail address or Twitter ID. Spam, links to other sites, etc. will not be published nor will they count as entries. Additional questions will be accepted for the duration of the giveaway. nook giveaway ends on Friday, April 9 at 11:59 pm. For more fine print, visit my Barnes & Noble nook review and giveaway.

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  1. anthy March 27, 2010 at 8:59 am -

    I have a question! I kicked myself because I didn’t find your blog in time, and by then the Q&A post was closed. Thank you for the extra opportunity to ask questions. 🙂

    How does the Nook handle non-Nook formats? I read a lot of fan fiction (fiction about TV shows/books/etc. that is available free online) and free original fiction, and it’s in HTML format. And then there are also sites like Project Gutenberg, which has books where the copyright has expired in the US.

    Can you put HTML stories/books on the Nook? Or plain text, ePub, Mobipocket, anything like that? If so, does it convert them to its own format, and does it do a good job of converting properly and maintaining all of the paragraph spacing and formatting?

    That’d be my main concern.

    Thank you very much for answering questions. 🙂

  2. Banteringblonde March 27, 2010 at 10:34 am -

    Impressive! Can this thing do a few loads of laundry for me too?

  3. Kim Moldofsky March 27, 2010 at 11:28 pm -

    Wow, I’m impressed that you took time to address these issues so thoroughly. Great job! I have to admit that when we got my mom a Kindle last year (which she loves), I immediately got the sense that we will one day look at those they way we look at Victrolas or those big old black and white TV’s from our (my?!) youth.

  4. tannawings March 28, 2010 at 6:42 am -

    My husband has some car manuals and different things like that in pdf files on his computer… can those but uploaded to a Nook so he can just carry the Nook and not have to look on the desktop? And does a Nook ‘clean up ‘ well? I am thinking in terms of car grease- is it easy to wipe it off without hurting it? I dont have a cellphone even so am kinda weird about tech devices.


  5. Mollie March 29, 2010 at 10:14 am -

    Wow this is great information! Thanks for answering all these questions, very informative.

  6. Anonymous November 17, 2010 at 10:40 pm -

    Can you please tell me if the books are banked on my account? If I accidentally lose my nook or it breaks, can I buy a new one and have my books re-downloaded to my Nook?

  7. Tsina December 9, 2010 at 8:20 am -


    Can you put your existing ebooks in the Nook? =) Or does it have to be from Barnes and Nobles? Thanks!

  8. Tech Savvy Mama December 9, 2010 at 10:02 am -

    Hi Tsina! Unfortunately existing ebooks purchased for other devices like the Sony eReader and Kindle will not work with the Nook. Books do have to be purchased from the Barnes & Noble store. Hope that helps and pelase let me know if you have additional questions!

  9. Kiley February 16, 2011 at 10:03 am -

    Hello and what a great site you have here!

    I am astudent currently enrolled at University of Phoenix and all of my course books are provided through the eCampus in PDF format. I would only be interested in purchasing a Nook if I could access my textbooks on it. As I have purchased each book from the campus (included in course material fees)I don’t want to pay for them twice. Are tehse textbooks accessable or downloadable to the Nook?

  10. john fox January 9, 2013 at 12:26 am -

    when replying to a post on faceboolk using my nook, how do I make a few vertical spaces? Sort of like making a new paragraph. When I attempt this, my post is entered.