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With the warmer weather hinting at summer to come, the desire to be outdoors puts the emphasis on outdoor play, imaginative play, and gross motor skills.  Last month I attended Time to Play Magazine’s spring and summer toy showcase where I learned about many of the new products on the market to get kids away from screens and outside moving and playing.  While at SheCon, I met with Wilson tennis and was inspired to get back out on the court with my kids after a tennis clinic helped me realize I still have game from playing competitively in high school and college.
Here are my favorite products that encourage outdoor play for kids of all ages:
Wilson Tennis Starter Racquet for ages 10 and under
Tennis racquets— If you think tennis is for stodgy country club types in Wimbledon whites, Wilson has reinvented tennis for the 10 & under set by using specialized equipment that is tailored to their age and size.  Kids get into the game immediately thanks to smaller racquets, starter balls made of foam and “starter play” ones that feature less rebound bounce, and unbelievably affordable equipment!  Youth racquets are under $20 each through the 10 and Under USTA Program!  Plus grownups who used to play (like myself- ahem) will find that getting back in the game playing with the kid gear is so much easier!  For more information about tennis for kids under age ten, visit 
Hula hoops and Sky Balls from Maui Toys
Hula hoops— A throwback to a different era, ­­Maui Toys’ Ultimate Cosmic Hoophad sparkly metallic hula hoops on hands that would make anyone want to throw one over their head and wiggle their hips to make it stay off the ground.
See through balls— Candy colored balls from Maui Toys’ Sky Ball Line were not only see through but filled with fun confetti-like shapes like spiders and had bumps of different sizes and shapes to make them appeal to one’s tactile nature. 
Little Kids bubble line
Bubbles— Perfect for quiet time in the shade on a hot day, Little Kids makes bubbles for everyone. Recognizing that some children don’t have the lung capacity to blow their own bubbles, products like Blastos are designed to create the bubbles for children.  There’s also the Blastos Bubble Twister Bubble Machine, an automatic bubble maker that emits endless bubbles with a touch of a button. The spill-proof bubble tumbler are perfect for younger children.
Fisher Price Grow with Me 1, 2, 3, InLine Skates
Roller skates—  Fisher Price’s Grow With Me 1, 2, 3 InLine Skates are designed to grow as children do to build confidence and skill.  Stage 1 allows for one wheel to be locked to get used to the feel of skates and increase comfort walking in them, stage 2 lets kids roll forwards, and stage 3 is designed for forward and backwards movement.
Little Kids Junk Ball Home Run Challenge
Little Kids Junk Ball Strike Zone Home Run Challenge
Bats and balls— Replacing the fat bats of my childhood, Little Kids Junk Ball Strike Zone bat and ball set helps teach major-league pitchers-to-be how to throw the perfect pitch with finger holes circling the center of each ball. 
Razor Spark Scooter (Blue)
Razor Spark Scooter
Scooters— Razor was in attendance showing the latest cool styles.  Light up the night sky by leaving a trail of sparks thanks to the Spark model.  The Graffiti Chalk Scooter allows kids to a more permanent trail than Hansel and Gretel did by inserting your favorite colors of chalk in the holders under the brake.  That way a slow friend, younger sibling, or dog walking parent can easily trace the path of a speedster as they race through the neighborhood.
Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike
Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike
Water blasters— Nothing says outdoor summer play like some water fun.  Back in the day I remember Super Soakers being the drench mechanism of choice.  The Super Soaker company was acquired by Nerf who has made some improvements and updates. New water blasters like the Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike and Thunderstorm models feature quick loading clip-in style water canisters for easy filling and reloading to keep friends from overheating on a hot summer day.  And if you aren’t a huge fan of guns even the water variety, the hose works just as well!  Just put on a low flow nozzle to conserve water and save your water bill!
Looking for more ideas about things to do outside?
As a guest of Time to Play Magazine, my travel and lodging expenses were covered in order for me to attend the spring and summer showcase.  I attended a Wilson Tennis event at the Bricknell Tennis Center while at SheCon representing my sponsor, Clever Girls Collective.  Sample products were received to help facilitate this review.  No compensation was received for this post although it does contain Amazon affiliate links.

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