Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is Sunday so if you haven’t already started, get shopping to show the special woman in your life exactly how special she is.  Here are 10 of my favorites that any mom is sure to love regardless of how tech savvy she may be.
iRobot Scooba
Give mom a break from cleaning with the iRobot Scooba ($449). This amazing little robot uses a 4 part system to prep, wash, scrub, and squeegee. It motors around, sucking up crumbs and pet hair while washing the floor as it goes. Scooba makes multiple passes over the same section of floor to ensure it cleans thoroughly. It leaves a wet shine behind but not too much water to make floors slippery and dangerous. Smart sensors help it avoid the stairs and other obstacles such as furniture during the 45 minute cleaning cycle. Just touch the button and leave Scooba to motor around the house on your way out the door for fresh and crumb free floors when you return home.
Personalized cards for mom from Treat by Shutterfly
Send mom an individualized greeting card with the new Treat by Shutterfly.  With over 4,500 fully customizable card designs, including 300 from Hallmark, users can create personalized cards using personal photos and custom messages in only minutes.  Cards range from $1.99-2.99 each but for a limited time, every new customer gets their first card for free.  Order before the end of the day today for Mother’s Day delivery.
Logitech M325 in Purple Paisley, one of the Global Graffiti prints
Cut the cord by giving her a colorful wireless mouse. Since everything is wireless these days, give her a mouse that suits her personality.  The Logitech Global Graffiti prints found in the M325 and M310 wireless mice ($20-30) incorporate the hottest local trends and fashions while fitting comfortably in the palm on one’s hand thanks to the ergonomic design making them a great tech accessory. If mom prefers solids to prints, Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 (less than $20) come in limited edition colors that are sure to put a smile on her face.
Chica Bag by Cuddly Monkey
Gift her with a stylish all purpose bag to hold her laptop and more. Cuddly Monkey may sound like a stuffed animal but it’s really a line of canvas totes created by designers who believe that the inside of the tote should be as fashionable as the outside is functional. You can’t go wrong with The Chica ($90), a classic beach tote with a fun lining that features essential tech gadgets like a smartphone, iPod, and headphones along with sunglasses. Chica is my go-to bag for travel these days. It’s a good sized carry on that fits my laptop, iPad, digital camera, snacks, and leaves plenty of room for more all while fitting under the seat in front of me. I also have my eye on the The Babe ($90) which I love for it’s contrasting handles and cheery watermelon lining.
Hello Kitty Earbuds from Sparklebee
Bling out her headphones with a set of Hello Kitty Earbuds ($12.50). These comfortable earbuds are sparkly, fun, and feature volume control right on the cord to work with her MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, and computer and will be easy to find even in the deepest depths of any bag.
Honeywell Air Genius 5 Tower
Help her breathe easy with the Honeywell AirGenius 5 ($239) to clear the air of allergens, germs, and odors to keep everyone healthy.  The sleek AirGenuis 5 is an easy-to-use tower with touch screen controls that operates quietly to capture 99.9% of particles and pollutants with a washable HEPAClean honeycomb filter that just requires rinsing to clean and never needs to be replaced.
Olympus LS-20M compact digital recorder
Put the power of video editing in the palm of her hand with an Olympus LS-20M ($299) that is compact enough to carry in any bag to capture all of life’s amazing moments.  Edit on the spot using for different filters for fun effects, stream a soccer game to a far away grandparent or a dance recital via UStream anywhere you have an internet connection, and enjoy high definition video in an amazingly small package. Controls are easy to maneuver when keeping your eye on the action but in case your hand wavers, the built in electronic image stabilizer helps eliminate the shakes. The action gets even closer with 4x digital zoom while the autofocus lens keeps everything crystal clear on dual LCD screens.
Rayovac Rechargeable Power Pack
Keep her devices charged even when she’s on the go with Rayovac’s Universal USB Chargers and Rechargeable Power Pack ($12.99).  The USB Chargers plug into a car cigarette lighter and this double pack features a single and a double plug in one pack.  Charge the Rechargeable Power Pack by plugging into an outlet and then tuck it into your bag to recharge your smartphone, digital camera, MP3 player, or portable gaming devices for up to 6 hours.
The VTech Retro Phone
Decorate her desk with The VTech Retro Phone($59.95, Model #LS6195). It may look a little old school but the high tech version of the phone reminiscent of yesteryear features a cordless handset with a 500 foot range, caller ID storage of the past 50 calls, digitized and encrypted calls to reduce identity theft and discourage anyone from listening in, last 10 number redial, eco-mode that optimizes battery performance, digital answering system, backlit keypad, and more!
Olympus PM-1 comes in standard black and an assortment of colors
Let her capture precious memories with an Olympus PM-1. Those looking to upgrade their point and shoot but don’t want the bulk of traditional DSLRs will appreciate Olympus’ PM-1 line that features compact bodies that don’t compromise on picture quality.  With the ability to interchange lenses, capture close up stills or far away action shots with a zoom lens this easy to hold camera features a slim body and lightweight size compared to its competitors. Photos are crisp and built in image stabilizer helps eliminate the shakiness that is inherent when capturing video. If you’ve ever wanted to capture a still while shooting video, the Olympus PM-1 allows you to do so and also features a wide variety of cool effects.  Shoot right in sepia and brighten colors as you shoot with Pop Art! 
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