Consequences of Texting While Driving: Powerful Video to Share

September 20, 2012 1 Comment »

Texting while driving is never ok. It takes the average user 5 seconds to complete and text a phone and while that may seem like a short time, in that short time any number of things can happen.

September 19 was designated as national No Text on Board Pledge Day. I may be a day late but really, resolving to put down the phone and focus on the wheel is something that we need to do every single day. Every. Single. Day. And every time we get behind the wheel.

Since June, I’ve been working with AT&T to talk to local families about mobile safety topics. In honor of the first ever No Text on Board Pledge Day, I’ve been taking the message beyond my community with posts in different places with tips on ways to stop texting while driving, modeling good behavior in the car when it comes to cell phone use, and bringing up this very important topic with your kids but rather than creating another post with tips, I want to leave you with this very powerful 10 minute video. It’s safe for work but you might need a box of tissues close by.


Now that you’ve seen it, share it.  Watch it with your kids. Talk about it. Share the message by telling the other parents in your community at book club, PTA meetings, school pickup, and even in passing. Share it far and wide via social media. Link to it on your Facebook page. Tweet it out. Take the pledge.

Texting while driving is never ok. Share the message. Life the message and let’s keep everyone safe.

For my other posts with tips to stop texting while driving, ways to model proper cell phone use in the car for your kids, and conversation starters, visit:

Additional information and resources about staying connected in a safe way can be found on AT&T’s Mobile Safety page.

This post is sponsored by AT&T. All opinions are my own. Image courtesy of AT&T.

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  1. ellen September 21, 2012 at 3:36 pm -

    I HATE cellphones in cars- I dont care if they are texting /calling/ use bluetooth whatever. There is no call that can’t wait.

    A friends daughter not long ago was riding a motorcycle with a group on the way home from another friends house (there were 5 motorcycles in the group since it was dark they were together to avoid deer) In the opposite lane was a young woman who had just been to a party going in the other direction. She was in a pickup truck,,, she was mad at someone at the party she had been at although not impaired by alcohol, she answered a text. In those few seconds, she struck the motorcycle and flipped it- in the process severing the girls leg. The girl in the truck later said she didnt even know it happened she thought it was a bump.She said she looked back and saw the motorcycle riders in her mirror and thought all was well. She didnt know they were all stopped and were trying to stop the blood flowing from my friends daughter.