Savvy Sunday: Tech Savvy Parents Roundup

September 9, 2012 Comments Off on Savvy Sunday: Tech Savvy Parents Roundup
Savvy Sunday: Tech Savvy Parents Roundup

Every other Sunday I’m going to be sharing a roundup of the past week’s posts on Tech Savvy Parents, my column on Tech Savvy Parents is a place where I’ve been providing lists of favorite apps, quick tips, product roundups, and will be featuring interviews with fellow parent entrepreneurs in the tech savvy space soon. Here’s a roundup of my most recent posts. 
  • School is back in session, after school activities are picking up, and trying to get homework done and dinner prepared can be a challenge!  4 Meal Planning Services for Busy Health Conscious Families shares services that can make meal planning easy while helping you stick to your household food budget.
  • There are so many apps! How do you know which ones are best and right for your kids without spending the money on downloads here and there? Read 3 Tips for Finding Great Apps for Kids, a how-to on finding the best of what’s out there for your children.
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