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If you were following the George Zimmerman trial and were hoping for some commentary or links on the verdict, the major news networks have it covered so we’ll just move on….


Interesting news in the cellular world as T-Mobile announced that they’re taking an “un-carrier” approach with their new JUMP program that does away with the industry standard 2 year contract in favor of allowing customers to upgrade their phones when they want (aka up to twice a year as soon as six months from enrollment). Despite the parameters surrounding the upgrade, this news is groundbreaking for cellular carriers who lock us into contracts, making us wait two years for new phones while the latest and greatest Android or iPhone passes us by. This news was accompanied by the announcement that families can get for Simple Choice Plan lines with unlimited talk, text and Web and up to 500MB of high-speed data for only $100 per month (+ taxes and fees) with no credit check and no annual service contract required which is certainly a bonus for families who have been denied premium family plan rates due to less than stellar credit. For those who say they’ll never switch because T-Mobile’s 4G LTE coverage isn’t as good as AT&T or Verizon’s, bite your tongue. T-Mobile is expanding their 4G network to provide more coverage to more users in 116 metro areas across the nation which is certainly good news for existing T-Mobile customers and perhaps better news for those with other mobile carriers.

It’s easy to laugh and roll your eyes at the major press fail by KTVU, a San Francisco based news station that was the staple of my childhood news. Apparently the NTSB employed a Bart Simpson-esque intern who made up names of the four Asiana Airlines pilots who were responsible for the aircraft that crashed at San Francisco International on July 6. According to Gawker’s “Terrrible NTSB Intern Blamed for KTVU’s “Ho Lee Fuk” Blunder, the NTSB never releases the names of the pilots. Shame on KTVU for not taking pause to wonder if these names were for real but I’m still laughing that this intern was able to pull off this stunt. Employers everywhere should beware!

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Have you checked out Medium yet? No? You should. Start with the front page of Editor’s Picks to explore incredible writing by individuals who contribute to this collaborative site. It’s a place where writing shines and words matter. Be sure to read Lisa Frame’s Fear of Failure not just because she’s a good friend but because she’s written an astounding piece that probably resonates with each and every one of us that was on the front page of Medium this week as an Editor’s Pick. It’s that good.

Babble Tech

Always looking for a new place to share what I have to say about the tech world, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m a Babble Tech contributor! I’ll be writing about tech news, products, and social media and here are my first four posts that feature some fun to click through slide shows of products.


Yup, I’m still on Parents.com writing my column that features a more educational twist than Babble Tech. This week I celebrated my 150th post on Tech Savvy Parents! Here’s what I’ve written in the past couple weeks:

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!


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