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Weekly Reads on TechSavvyMama.com

We’re in week three of school and clearly the first two threw me for a loop as we get back into the routine. Could you tell from the minimal posts last week and the absence of Weekly Reads during the summer? Weekly Reads is back to bring you up to speed on the things you may have missed during the week, share the things that caught my eye, and also be the place where I do a roundup to the many other places I’m writing these days like Babble Tech and Parents.com.


Syria. What in the world is going on over there? How did it start? If you’ve been afraid to ask, you’ll love the Washington Post’s 9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask.

Do you love your Kindle? Last week Amazon announced that there’s a new Kindle Paperwhite shipping later this month. My Parents.com post, Amazon Announces New Kindle Paperwhite Shipping September 30, shares what you need to know about the latest Kindle reader.

Have you noticed that Yahoo has a new logo after gradually introducing it over the course of a month? What do you think? Love it or meh?

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Did you send your college student off with the right gadgets for campus? I helped Target create a must-have gadget list for the first year college student on their A Bullseye View blog that provides a behind the scenes look at all things Target. For my picks, visit You Can’t Survive Freshman Year without These Gadgets for the best tools for studying and ensuring that they’re up for class on time. It’s never too late to order something from Target.com to surprise them as they start to miss home!

Love Pinterest? 5 Minutes for Mom has some Pinterest Tips on how to become a Pinterest power user. Then again, you could just Tweet Lisa (@Daily_Pinch) who has some serious Pinterest prowess and assures me a blog post detailing on how she’s grown her following in a very short time is coming soon.

Babble Tech

If you ever want to find my Babble Tech posts, just click on my name in the byline of the article that will bring you to my contributor page or find them here each week! I love writing for Babble for the fun slideshows that I get to make to showcase a topic or the best tech products. Click on through for some great tips and fabulous products that I’m loving right now.

Tech Savvy Parents on Parents.com

My two most recent Parents.com posts on my Tech Savvy Parents column can always be found listed in the right sidebar of my blog but if you don’t want to click over, here they are!

Have a great week!

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