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Weekly Reads on TechSavvyMama.com

Hmmm…the last time I posted Weekly Reads was more than a month ago when I swore this feature was going to become regular once again. Things happen (namely three speaking engagements at three conferences in a row: Type A, Blogalicious, and Digital Family Summit) but I’m feeling more caught up now so here we go with determination to really make this a weekly feature!


Have you heard that Windows 8.1 is out? It’s a free upgrade if you already own Windows 8. I got a sneak peek earlier in September and it has some things you were wishing Windows 8 had, like the ability to multitask. If you haven’t installed it yet, don’t until you read Michele McGraw’s post on Scraps of My Geek Life called Windows 8.1 Installation Tips for a Smoother Install.

Martha Stewart angered the blogosphere with comments on Bloomberg about how “bloggers are not experts.” Oh Martha. How far you’ve fallen since speaking to this very same group at BlogHer in 2012 and hosting an off-site event for bloggers at her offices in 2010. As Cecily Kellogg writes on Babble Tech, “Becoming irrelevant has to suck.”


Have you heard that Target is launching Target Ticket, video-on-demand service that works with Roku? Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife shares details and has a $50 Target GC giveaway.

With smartphone cameras getting better and better, I love AT&T’s Take Your Shot campaign that’s given aspiring filmmakers the chance to pitch their ideas. As part of the campaign, three finalists were selected to work with famous Asian-American filmmakers to create a short film using just their phones. I love how this campaign has helped make dreams a reality by providing the opportunity for budding cinematographers the chance to work with visionaries in their field using products we use every day. The shorts will premier tomorrow- Monday, October 21 and here’s a trailer from this campaign that will inspire you to take more video, even if just with your phone.

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Fall is here and I’m glad to be welcoming a change of clothes into the mix. My fabulous and always stylish and money savvy friend, Kelly over at Centsible Life, provides 5 Ways to Save on Your Fall Wardrobe. Speaking of fashion…Hillary Chybinski admits to having wavy hair and shares her favorite tools to fake it.

Great things came out of Digital Family Summit including more kids who blog! I roomed with Elena Sonnino and her daughter for an uber-mother-daughter weekend where we spent part of our time holed up in our room researching available domain names. Explore with Spunk is by Elena’s daughter (aka Spunk) and centers around travel, create and do good with Spunk.” Also check out Lolli’s daughter, Reese, blogging at Better in Bulk where her first post is called 10 Ways to Be a Good Safety Patrol.


Image courtesy of Minimalist Parenting

Have you picked up a copy of Minimalist Parenting by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest? Not only do I love Christine and Asha and their message that more isn’t better that is a breath of fresh air for all parents, but I love them even more because until October 31, the co-authors are donating 100% of royalties for books purchased via http://bit.ly/helpwomenatrisk to WOMEN AT RISK, an Ethiopian organization that helps women lift themselves out of prostitution. #HelpWomenAtRisk by purchasing Minimalist Parenting using this special Amazon link: http://bit.ly/helpwomenatrisk For more information, visit http://minimalistparenting.com/helpwomenatrisk

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