GoldieBlox Sends Powerful Message of Don’t Underestimate Girls in STEM via New Video

November 19, 2013 Comments Off on GoldieBlox Sends Powerful Message of Don’t Underestimate Girls in STEM via New Video

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Update 11/25/13- GoldieBlox is suing the Beastie Boys who issued a DMCA takedown notice for using Girls without the band’s permission. In retaliation, GoldieBlox appears to be suing the Beastie Boys. Hugely disappointing because I support the company in what they’re doing to promote STEM for girls but as a content creator, I support the Beastie Boys in their issuing a DMCA to the company for the use of their song without their permission. More info about the copyright fight can be found on this USA Today post.

As a former teacher, graduate of one of the Seven Sister colleges (MHC FTW!), and now as a parent, I truly believe that my daughter can be a scientist, engineer, mathematician, or pursue a career in technology if she wants to. There is no reason why she shouldn’t explore the STEM subjects just as her brother does and no reason why her toys should be any different than his. And just as I’m all for them sitting down to build with Legos, blocks, or train tracks, then going outside to rig up a pulley system through the trees, I’m also in favor of teaching my son how to use the sewing machine just because he wants to learn too.

Being an equal opportunity household, I’m a fan of GoldieBlox. Called “toys for future inventors,” GoldieBlox combines stories with construction sets that are designed to expose kids to concepts such as wheels and axels, force, friction, gear action, and vehicle design in a hands-on and fun way.

GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine

If you haven’t heard of them, you probably won’t forget them after this video that demonstrates why we shouldn’t underestimate girls. I love it because not only am a sucker for a really good Rube Goldberg machine but it shows girl power and uses the Beastie Boys. Yes for all your Beastie Boys fans, GoldieBlox has made up some kid friendly lyrics to their iconic song Girls thatshould be a new anthem for girls everywhere. After all girls can build a spaceship. They can code a new app. “Girls to grow up knowing that they can engineer that….That’s all we really need is girls….Don’t underestimate girls!”

If you appreciate what GoldieBlox is doing to encourage girls to become more interested in STEM concepts through their toys, visit their website or  like them on Facebook. They’re also competing to win a chance at airing their video as a commercial in the Super Bowl with a simple click as a vote here.

By the way, I just wrote about GoldieBlox on earlier this week as being one of the best toys to encourage STEM learning in kids so click on over to see what other products I recommended!

No compensation was received for this post. I just love GoldieBlox’s video and the message it sends! Image courtesy of GoldieBlox. Don’t you just love the More than a Princess shirts? They’re available on their website!

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