Weekly Reads Travel Edition: White House & Seattle 11.3.13

November 2, 2013 Comments Off on Weekly Reads Travel Edition: White House & Seattle 11.3.13

Michelle Obama with Elmo and Rosita

This week I went to the White House to see Michelle Obama and tomorrow I’ll be en route to Seattle for Microsoft’s #ChampionsSummit. Follow the hashtag on Twitter to see what I’m learning or my Instagrams for an excessive number of food photos.


Would your kids be more inclined to pick up fruit or vegetables if they had a sticker with Elmo or Rosita’s face or their image of these two favorite Sesame Street characters on the packaging? This is the idea behind the a new partnership between Sesame Workshop and Produce Marketing Association (PMA) announced this week at the White House by Michelle Obama. I was on hand to report about this new partnership for Babble. Take a look at my post for an inside look at the White House and the White House Kitchen Gardens!


Are your kids still binging on their Halloween candy? This piece on Slate.com says to Let them Eat Candy because allowing them to binge on Halloween candy may actually make them healthier. It may sound crazy but kids who are allowed to indulge “may make them want less of it the next day.” The article says that “kids can get obsessed with foods that they’re not allowed to eat and conversely crave foods less that they’re allowed.” If you’re scoffing, I once had a friend in elementary school whose mom only let her eat carob. According to my mom, this friend did a face plant into a bowl of M&Ms at my 5th birthday party and it wasn’t pretty.

Speaking of Halloween, have you seen the LED Stick Baby costume? It’s all kinds of awesome and helps kids be safe in the dark. It’s never too early to start planning next year’s costume!

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I love Roo and if you don’t read Neon Fresh, you should. This week she made me cry at my desk right before school pickup with When the Mean Girl is You by reminding me that I’m too hard on myself as a mom. And she shared this amazing video called a New Perspective for Moms that will make you reach for your box of tissues and hug your kids just a bit closer.

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