Toyota Entune Technology Demonstration

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With so much music being consumed during car rides, the technology to listen to music in vehicles has vastly improved.  While it used to be a big deal to have a cassette tape player or CD disc changing system, Entune is Toyota’s hot new technology that works with your cell phone to provide music and more. 
Toyota’s Entune is an app-based system that through the data plan on your phone.  Specific information feeds from providers like Pandora mimics the mobile and desktop experience that consumers are used to.  Linking your Pandora account with your Entune one allows you to have your favorite music and channels wherever you go thanks to seamless integration of the technology that enhances the driving experience.
While at Toyota headquarters in Torrance last week, Dave Lee, a Toyota Product Specialist, gave me an in-car demonstration of how the new Entune technology works.

One of the things that I appreciate about Entune is that it’s useful technology designed to enhance the in-car experience. 

Technology is always best when it serves a useful purpose and is done thoughtfully. By integrating third party apps that are commonly used on our mobile phones, Toyota has found a practical way to integrate mobile apps to enhance the ownership experience but not contribute to distracted driving. Limiting functions to paging through songs through controls on the steering wheel helps keep drivers focused on the road.

Entune is a multimedia system that is being rolled out throughout the 2012 model Toyotas including Prius, Camry, Sequoia, Siena, 4Runner, Takoma, and more that will come equipped with the required Entune hardware.  Steps to using Entune in your Toyota include:
  • Having a compatible mobile phone with a data plan;
  • Registering at with your VIN and phone number;
  • Downloading the Entune app;
  • Pairing your phone via Bluetooth to connect to Entune for a seamless experience.

With Entune being a new technology, Toyota is always looking ahead to additional apps that could become part of the system and additional functionality.  One thing that Toyota is exploring is voice recognition commands using natural language with contextual English.  Such a system would ideally accommodate for accents, natural pauses, etc. that come in conversation so a driver could speak commands to operate Entune.

Curious about Entune? Visit the Toyota site for more information.
I was selected for participation in TWIN through a program with Clever Girls CollectiveToyota covered the expenses for my trip and gave me branded items along with tech goodies like a Sony Bloggie which was used to capture this video. I was not compensated for writing this post, being involved in the program, or required to share a video. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of Toyota.

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